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In this area we introduce technological concepts that particularly characterize our VÖLKL products. Thanks to the use of these technologies, we can guarantee that you will feel at your ease in your boots for a long time.
  • VÖLKL Double-stitching
  • VÖLKL Perfect fit
  • VÖLKL Sympatex membranes
  • VÖLKL Climate concept
Our production processes combine traditional design with high quality comfort properties.

Double stitched boots

The double stitched design was developed about 200 years ago for mining and forestry workers who were exposed to extreme conditions. Double stitched shoes and boots are produced not only to preserve the tradition: due to their robustness and durability they meet the current requirements for sustainability and are thus an integral part of our company concept.

Why are double-stitched shoes special?

The double stitched design is a specific method of connecting the shaft to the sole complex: the rugged leather shaft is sewn twice to the midsole. This double seam ensures a reliable connection of the shaft with the midsole and allows also a replacement of the outer sole, if needed, without damaging the shaft. The upper leather of the shaft is struck with double-stitched shoes to the outside outside. Thereafter the outsole is glued to the midsole. Thanks to the high tension of the thread and the used yarns the shoes are waterproof. You can recognize the finished double-stitched boots by the lower edge of the shaft. This traditional production method allows, that the shoe can be resoled several times in his lifetime and become thus a long-time companion.


  • Double stitched boots are extremely tough and durable
  • Together with high quality leather double stitched boots have a very traditional and elegant look
  • Double stitched boots can be resoled several times, thus contribute to sustainability and are a long-time companion

Why is it hard to find double-stitched shoes on the market?

The double stitched design is a very complex type of production that can not be automated. For this purpose both a special machinery and highly experienced employees are needed. The high manual effort and the many procedures require a price, which is rewarded with a very robust and durable product.

Fitting lasts, fitting shoes!

The fitting of shoes and boots is basically determined by the lasts, which are used in the production. Lasts are models of foot shapes that are used in the manufacturing process and which give the form to the shoe.

How do we optimize our fit?

Our fit is based on a last system, which was developed in the eighties due to an empirical study of the Science and Technology Research Institute in Pirmasens (PFI): about 500,000 measurements were conducted on volunteers in order to determine the biggest possible wearing acceptance. Based on this form, thanks to our experience, we have furthermore optimized our lasts. To give a perfect stability to the foot in every situation, we adapted the VÖLKL lasts for every market segment. This makes it necessary to produce some proto model shoes, which are tested in the specific environments revised until the optimum is reached and the model can be released for serial production. Additionally, the last can be refined by the use of various insoles.


Thanks to years of optimizing our fit has a wearing acceptance of over 90%.

Sympathex membranes, waterproof and breathable

Membrane technologies are processed in shoes mainly for two reasons. They offer an additional protection against water penetration. And they are able to absorb unpleasant perspiration and yield it to the outside. VÖLKL trust the efficient and ecological Sympatex membranes.

How does the Sympatex membrane work?

The Sympatex membrane is made out of different layers which together ensure that no water enters the shoe, but that at same time sweat is absorbed and yielded to the outside. The first layer, which is directly in contact with the foot, absorbes the moisture very quickly and distributes it along the entire surface of the membrane. The second layer is responsible for the effective removal of the moisture. The bttr moisture is distributed along the surface, the easier it can be transported to through the second layer and discharged again. When in contact with liquid the hydrophilic layer whisks and creates additional space for the rapid removal of moisture. The wetter and warmer the climate inside the shoe, the more powerful the second layer acts. The third layer consists of a water-repellent layer that prevents the ingress of water, while allowing the yielding of moisture to the outside of the shoe. In this way it is possible to the feeling of wet feet in shoe.


  • your feet feel dry all the time
  • Sympatex membranes are, contrarily to other membranes, 100% recyclable

Do the membranes always have the same effectiveness?

No! Not only the membrane, but the whole boot must be designed in order to incentivate moisture emitting. This is done either through the VÖLKL climate system or the leather used in the shoe. The open-cell padding between the Sympatex membrane and the upper ensures the climate control in VÖLKL boots. The foot and ancle movement while walking acts like a pump, which transports the water vapor through the padding to the edge of the shaft and air holes yield the vapor to the outside. In this way you always have the pleasant sensation of dry feet.

3D mesh - a new lining material

The lining in boots is one of the central elements of a comfortable shoe. The lining has a direct contact with the one who wears the shoe influences significantly his wearing comfort. As an alternative to the Sympatex membrane we use 3D mesh.

How does 3D mesh work?

3D meshs are textiles for which two layers are connected by distance-maintaining connection threads. In this way in the space between the two layers an air layer is created which can have a heigh, depending on the model, from 1 to 3 mm. This cavity allows a strong air circulation inside the shoe which is perceived as a moderating effect from the bearer of the shoe. In addition, the inner layer of the spacer fabrics is interrupted by numerous air holes. The contact area between foot and lining is thus greatly reduced and unnecessary sweating is avoided. The distance holding connecting threads are flexible and give way when pressure is applied. So the 3D meshs do not only have a moderating effect but also increases the comfort by cushioning.


  • Increased air circolation and a moderating effect
  • Additional padding of the inner shoe for higher comfort

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